This was a birthday cruise for my wife and I. We had a great time. Everything was perfect and the views were amazing. I definitely would recommend this cruise for everyone.

Brandon, Houston Texas

My husband and I were able to go on the 4 hour excursion with Luis and Mabel. We had such a great time and they were very hospitable hosts! Everywhere we went was beautiful views and was very relaxing. We chose the 12:00-4:00 time which was very nice because we got to stop and…

We chartered this sailing boat for half a day on the water with 2 families and a few teenage kids. The experience was wonderful throughout. Luis and Mabel are highly professional sailors and very friendly people. We felt an immediate connection as we had recently visited their home country Colombia. We left from coconut grove Harbour and had to use the engine to cross the bay to Nixon island where we spent a long time swimming and paddling in the water in front of splendid houses.

London, United Kingdom

Sailboat in Miami .... Sailboat tour in Miami... Sailing in Miami... People should be advised that this is NOT your usual tourist boat tour in Miami, where you have absolutely no human contact besides the initial greet and goodbye at the start and end the Miami tour and the rusty joke that everyone already knows. Instead, when you venture past your comfort zone and read the fine print, you realize that THIS is the kind of Miami sailboat experience people crave for. The people running this Sailboat tour in Miami, are people you deserve to have in your life, at least for one memory. Extraordinary human beings who are warm, empathetic and fun to be around. BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE... My family & I, couldn’t be happier. Tons of fun and memories for a lifetime. Thank you sailing on the bay Miami.

Maria Seraki , Miami, Florida

Spectacular! Memorable day of sailing with captain Luis. Highly recommended. Capt Luis and his wife run a family friendly business....super relaxed and chill vibe. 19, 17, 15 boys manned the sails and learned something as well!

Lansing Michigan